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Lam Sui Kei at McCann Health


Student Name

Lam Sui Kei

Concentration of Study

Health Economics Policy and Management (HEPM)

MPH Degree Mode and Graduation Year

Part-time, 2018

Practicum Mode

School-approved Practicum

Practicum Site

McCann Health

1. Describe your practicum. 

McCann Health, under McCann Worldgroup, is an international company specialised in communications management, advertising and consultancy. The international company’s Hong Kong branch mainly provides their service in Hong Kong and Mainland China It provides direct-to-patient and consumer communications services, such as strategic planning, brand positioning, competitor mapping, customer insight, brand essence development and medical strategy.

During the practicum, other than conducting my own practicum project, I am also responsible for assisting my supervisor. For example, I did literature search and analysis to provide evidence based support for clients’ products or services. I also had meetings with my practicum site colleagues, brainstorming ideas, suggestions and solutions for our clients seeking consultation.

2. Why did you choose your practicum organization/ practicum project?

I rarely had chance to contact with the private health related business. Working in this practicum site allows me to have a boarder perspective and take a different position in health care setting.

3. What was the most rewarding part of your practicum?

All public health courses say epidemiology, biostatistics, principle of public health, health economics and strategies in healthcare proved to be very useful for my production of practicum projects. I could integrate experience, theory and knowledge learned in master programme and put them into practice.

4. What skills did you gain as a result of your practicum?

During the practicum, I had a lot of chances to cooperate with my colleagues. It definitely helped polish my interpersonal and communication skills.

5. How can you see your practicum helping with your future career in public health?

During the practicum, I found that my medical knowledge and analytic skills were very useful for projects that I am responsible for. It gives me insights that might be new career path for me.

6. Do you have any advice for future practicum students?

You gain more if you sweat your gut out ;)

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