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    • Student Voice - Vincent Chan

      My name is Vincent. Protecting the health of community has always been my greatest wish and aspiration. I have been trying very hard to equip myself with healthcare related knowledge and skills, with a view to serving the public. In 2018, I obtained my nursing degree, and then I worked as a registered nurse in a public hospital in Hong Kong till now. Currently, I am taking the MPH program as a part-time student in the HEPM concentration. After working for two years, I could really feel that our healthcare system is overloaded. High bed occupancy, long service waiting time, healthcare staff shortage and high patient-to-nurse ratio are commonly seen among public hospitals, and they are threatening the quality and safety of the healthcare services our citizens are receiving. As a healthcare professional, I really want to do something about it and I know the root causes underneath the overloaded healthcare system are very complex. Therefore, I wish to acquire myself with more public health knowledge, particularly regarding the healthcare system, so that in the future I could contribute in shaping a better healthcare system, so as to promote the health of the community. I feel really grateful for being granted the UCG fellowship. Without the fellowship, I could probably not take the MPH program. So far, I do enjoy studying MPH in HKU, and it is a wonderful learning experience. I have come across classmates from diverse backgrounds (physicians, nurses, engineer, dietitians and etc.) and we share and learn from each other’s expertise, and it makes my learning journey more fruitful. Frankly speaking, I have not decided what to do next upon graduating from the MPH, but I am pretty sure I would like to make some contribution in the field of public health in the future. Once again, I would like express my gratitude to HKU and UGC for granting me the fellowship.

    • Student Voice - Dr Manson Chu

      Hey all! I’m Manson, a HKU Med graduate and now an emergency room doctor by profession. It was a busy night shift which provoked me to learn more about MPH. As the gatekeeper of hospital, dashing around in a hectic environment is not uncommon. There exist multiple clinical problems to be dealt with, yet behind the scene is the bigger issue which carries much more impact – our healthcare system. This drives me to get out of the scope of clinical practice and explore what’s actually happening around us. The interaction between different domains of public health fascinates me. The diversified knowledge in public health echoes well with my career which emphasises on breadth. I’m more than honored to have received the UGC fellowships. It acknowledges the importance of public health in the complicated world nowadays and encourages me to pursue something new yet highly related in my career. You will definitely meet great people in MPH. Sharing from renowned academic staff bring us a high level of personal development. Groupmates from all walks of life can enlighten you and give you lots of insights and perspectives. I believe MPH will pave me the way in achieving the goal of a competent public health leader. As a stakeholder in the healthcare system, it is always my obligation to effectively practice public health, protect and promote health of all with ambition, drive and empathy. Dr Manson Chu MPH HEPM (Part-time, Year 1) Awardee of UGC Targeted TPg Programme Fellowships 2020/21

    • Coffee and Careers with Dr Alexander Ng (5 January 2021)

      We are delighted to have Dr Alexander Ng sharing with us his career journey at the Coffee and Careers session on 5 January 2021. Dr. Alex Ng, Vice President of Tencent Healthcare. Alex is currently leading Tencent’s healthcare business. Tencent has already developed multiple products such as the wechat mini-app “Tencent Healthcare”, electronic health insurance and healthcare card, AIMIS (AI enabled clinical decision support system for medical images), Oncology Assistant (AI enabled triaging system to better match cancer patients to oncologists). Alex first started his career as a medical doctor where he was the chief resident at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. He then moved to the US to become a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company after completing the Master of Public Health at Harvard. After 9 years at McKinsey between US and China, where he co-led the Greater China Healthcare Practice, he joined the Gates Foundation as the deputy director of the China Country Office, responsible for the health and innovation portfolio. He is also serving as an advisor to WHO’s Digital Health Technical Advisory Group, and an honorary associate professor at University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Medicine. Please click below and watch the video of Alex's sharing.

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    • MPH | MPH - HKU School of Public Health | Hong Kong

      Programme Leaflet Application Programme Overview Featured Videos Play Video Play Video HKU Master of Public Health - UGC Target TPg Programmes Fellowships (2021 intake) Play Video Play Video HKU Master of Public Health – Application for 2021 intake is now open! Load More

    • Application | HKU MPH

      Eligibility To be eligible for admission to the curriculum leading to the Master of Public Health, a candidate shall: ​ comply with the ; General Regulations comply with the ; Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Curricula hold a Bachelor’s degree with honours or the degrees of MBBS of this University, or another qualification of equivalent standard from this University or from another University or comparable institution accepted for this purpose; satisfy the University English language requirement applicable to higher degrees as prescribed under ; and General Regulation G2(b) satisfy the examiners in a qualifying examination, if required. ​ Exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Application Procedure 2 Nov 2020 Application Opens for 2021/22 Intake 15 Feb 2021 Deadline for Early Admissions 30 Apr 2021 Deadline for Main Round 30 Jun 2021 Feb-Jun 2021 Aug 2021 Deadline for Clearing Round (for local applicants only) Admission Interview (if deemed necessary) Review by the MPH Board of Studies Review by the Faculty Office and the Registry Student/Course Registration Forms and Guides Regulations and Syllabuses Notes for Guidances Application Form for Admission as Occasional Students (2020/21) Additional information on taught postgraduate studies at HKU are available at: Enquiries should be directed to the MPH Office : ​ MPH Office of the School of Public Health Phone: 852-3917 9140 Fax: 852-2855 9528 Email: Leaflet Fee Schedule Provisional Courses Fees* 1-year full-time (fees per year) HK$176,400 2-year part-time (fees per year) HK$88,200 *subject to adjustment Apply Now

    • Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowships | HKU MPH

      UGC Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowships Background HKU Master of Public Health programme has been selected by the University Grants Council (UGC) to be part of the in recognition to the School’s strategic contribution to capacity building in Hong Kong. The Scheme seeks to award incoming local students in 2021 that demonstrate strong track records and potential to contribute to the priority areas conducive to Hong Kong’s development. "Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme" Eligibility* Local* students who are admitted (accepted the admission offer with deposit paid) to the MPH programme (full/part-time mode) by . 30 April 2021 To avoid double subsidy, students awarded with other government scholarships including the Continuing Education Fund (except student financial assistance) for pursuing the MPH are not eligible to apply. Application procedures and deadlines Candidates who wish to apply for the Scheme should programme and scanned copies of the to HKU’s Taught Postgraduate Online Application System by . submit an application for admission to the MPH upload required supporting documents 28 February 2021 Admission application will be reviewed by the MPH Selection Committee, the Medical Faculty and the University Registry. The admission process will normally take 4 to 6 weeks. Upon receipt of the admission offer, candidates who wish to apply for the Scheme should submit a separate application for the fellowship by . Application details will be sent to successful candidates along with the offer letter. 30 April 2021 Award successful candidates will each receive an award of . This award shall be used to offset the MPH tuition of HK$176,400, with the remaining HK$56,400 to be covered by the student. 29 HK$120,000 (subject to adjustment) Criteria Merit-based, taking into account the students' academic achievements, professional qualifications, relevant work experience, achievements in other areas, and a proposal submitted by the student on how they can contribute to the priority area (i.e. promoting healthy living and caring community) of Hong Kong after completing the MPH programme. Important Notes Fellowship holders who are unable to complete the programme or fail to attain an expected level of performance shall be required to refund the University the full amount of the fellowship award received. For more details on the Fellowships, please refer to UGC's website . * Non-local students holding (a) (b) ; or (c) are NOT eligible for the Fellowship. student visa / entry permit; visa / entry permit under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates dependant visa / entry permit who were 18 years old or above when they were issued with such visa / entry permit by the Director of Immigration Back to Home

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