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Student Voice - Chua Ka Kit Tony

I am a lecturer at the School of Chinese Medicine (CM) at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). I am responsible for the teaching, research and clinical duty. I supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate CM students. Clinical research is my major research area and hence, knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics is my major need. Besides, I am also an officer in Hong Kong Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) and a section officer in the Health Protection Unit (HPU). My major duty is providing training and health promotion talks for both AMS medical members and Hong Kong citizens.

Obviously, a Master of Public Health (MPH) is the most suitable course for me to fulfil my actual need and enhance my ability. However, the tuition fee has always been a huge burden and boundary for me. I have almost given up studying after I got married. The UGC Targeted TPg Fellowship is my timely rain.

It is my great honor to be selected as one of the recipients of the Fellowship. I have completed courses in the first semester and am now working hard on my concentration courses, focusing on epidemiology and biostatistics. It is really not an easy task to finish my full-time job duty and keep studying in the remaining time. However, the knowledge and view I got from the MPH courses, especially the broad but scientific thinking of Dean Leung, is just well-fit and directly applicable to my daily work which really inspires me to keep going.

I remember that in my undergraduate study, Prof. Vivien Wong shared her career development pathway and said “being a good doctor, I can help a number of patients; being a good teacher, I can help a hundred of people; being a good policymaker, I can help a thousand of citizens.” I believe that after my completion of the MPH programme, I can have much clearer, broader, scientific, and international insights to contribute to the health domain of Hong Kong, specifically the CM policy and the management of CM hospital.

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