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The Capstone is a culminating experience that allows students to integrate and synthesize public health competencies specific to their concentration of study. Near the end of their study, each student will submit a Capstone report of 5000-6000 words. This report should be a high-quality written product that is useful to external stakeholders, such as non-profit or governmental organizations.

The Capstone report may arise from the student’s Practicum experience, but should represent the student’s independent piece of work and demonstrate the stated Capstone competencies. 

The Concentration Leads will provide guidance on the selection of Capstone competencies that are appropriate for the student’s educational and professional goals. Each student will also be assigned an Advisor, who will monitor the student’s progress and guide them in completion of the Capstone report. 

As part of the Capstone course, students will receive guidance on systematic review and scientific writing. Students will also present a Capstone proposal to their Concentration Lead for feedback and approval. 

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