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Programme Overview

Overall Curriculum Structure

(Applicable to students admitted to the curriculum in 2016-17 and thereafter)

The minimum credit unit requirement for the Master of Public Health is 69. 


Total Courses Credits

Total Credits

Credit Weight








Core Courses

Core Courses
Concentration Courses


Students enroll in one of the concentrations offered by the Master of Public Health for either a part-time mode of study, consisting of six terms over two calendar years or for a 1-year full-time programme.


Concentrations of Master of Public Health:

Aims and Objectives

The Master of Public Health is a broadly based graduate training programme designed to prepare physicians, dentists, nurses, other health professionals, medical and health researchers and policy analysts to identify and analyse contemporary health and health care issues in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific. 

The aims and objectives of the Master of Public Health are to prepare students for public health practice and research through the acquisition of:

  • foundational knowledge within the 4 core areas of Public Health

  • an in depth understanding of local, regional and international health determinants and outcomes,

  • skills to initiate policy responses required to protect and promote population health

  • an in depth knowledge of the relevant theories and practice in public health

  • skills necessary to design and implement public health research and translate public health knowledge into practice

  • skills in the broad fields of public health to support candidates’ preparation for the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine Public Health Part I fellowship examination for physicians and the UK Faculty of Public Health of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (MFPH) and Diplomate (DFPH) examinations open to physicians, other health professionals and scientists, and also the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine Administrative Medicine Part I fellowship examination.


Academic Accreditation

The Hong Kong Medical Council recognises the Master of Public Health, MPH(HK) as a quotable qualification.

Participants will be accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from different academic institutes / committees. Please see “CME & Quotable Qualification” for details.

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