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Student Voice - Jie Guo Rachel

Hi there – my name is Rachel, I am currently a part-time Year One MPH candidate in the concentration of Health Economics, Policy and Management (HEPM). I am now working in a public institution, mainly for public relations, editorial and digital communications. I was born and raised in the Mainland, then moved to Hong Kong 10 years ago for my first Master’s degree in journalism and communication. My first decade in Hong Kong has brought me challenge, aspiration and dignity than I could ever dare to wish for. I think I am ready and eager to see what life will bring in the second decade ahead – MPH is my new adventure. I was privileged to be granted the UGC Targeted TPg Fellowships. I was truly grateful that Fellowships recognised multidisciplinary integration while I see myself as an “exception” case. For me, the MPH adventure is indeed challenging, but informative and totally rewarding. I can tell that the School of Public Health has put a lot of thoughts in designing the class, recognising interprofessional collaboration and communication, which are pivotal in our future endeavours. I am particularly interested in issues regarding health equity and justice. COVID-19 has shown us again that the patterns of power, privilege and inequity that run throughout the society are just recapitulated in this health crisis. And people from underprivileged background have been disproportionately affected. I wish to be better equipped with public health competencies and join hands with stakeholders towards better addressing equity and justice in health in the region.

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