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Student Voice - Pang Cheuk Him Johnny

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from CUHK in 2020, I work in the government as a graduate biomedical engineer under the HKIE Scheme A. During the training to be a qualified biomedical engineer, I have the opportunity to rotate to different divisions within the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and the Department of Health and face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The experience made me understand the importance of public health, especially from the government’s point of view. I am currently doing a part-time MPH in Health Economics, Policy and Management. I am grateful and honoured to be awarded the UGC Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowship. Being a recipient of this Fellowship gave me the recognition in further developing my career path in the healthcare industry, and greatly motivates me to strive for my best. I really enjoy this MPH program because it gives me the opportunity to explore and enrich my knowledge, learning from world-renowned academic experts and fellow aspiring classmates from different areas of the healthcare profession. I have had several tutorial classes and valuable discussions with experienced and knowledgeable classmates. This is truly a valuable and unique experience. I am also very interested in studying public health issues and policies in Hong Kong and around the world. I wish to make use of the knowledge I acquire in this program to develop my career in the government, and to make our healthcare system even better.

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