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Amna Malik at Health in Action


Student Name

Amna Akhtar Malik

Concentration of Study

Health Economics Policy and Management (HEPM)

MPH Degree Mode and Graduation Year

Full-time (2017-2019)

Practicum Mode

School-approved Practicum

Practicum Site

Health in Action

1. Describe your practicum. 

I worked as a practicum intern at a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as Health in Action in Hong Kong. This NGO focuses on conducting research, performing advocacy and conducting health sharing sessions for various beneficiary groups that includes ethnic minorities, refugees and poor working families. Therefore, the primary objective of this NGO is to bridge the health inequity gap between these beneficiary groups and the general population.

2. Why did you choose your practicum organization/ practicum project?

Because of this NGO’s tireless work in the field of advocacy is what intrigued me the most to choose this organization as my practicum site. As I hold immense interest in advocating for policies for various beneficiary groups. Additionally, I also believe in giving back to the community and making a difference in the society. Thus, this organization served as a unique platform in that regard.

3. What was the most rewarding part of your practicum?

As previously mentioned my never-ending interest in advocacy, thus, the most rewarding part of my practicum was being given the opportunity to advocate at national and international platforms. This included the Hong Kong Legislative Council, United Nations, the Community Involvement Broadcasting radio program and Facebook. Therefore, this NGO gave me an opportunity to voice my opinions at well-recognized platforms.

4. What skills did you gain as a result of your practicum?

My core responsibilities at the practicum site were to formulate policy papers and legislative testimonies for the Hong Kong Legislative Council. I also formulated the Universal Periodic Review, Policy reports, background briefs and information graphics. In the same thread, I acquired several skills through this practicum site as well. As I learned how to formulate Hong Kong Legislative Council Policy Papers, Universal Periodic Review Submissions, and how to advocate for essential policies at these well-recognized platforms?

5. How can you see your practicum helping with your future career in public health?

In essence, this practicum experience was my first experience in the field of public health and it proved to be very beneficial for my career growth in this field. As this opportunity gave me a hands on experience on how to formulate documents at a professional level and how to communicate essential messages with the government and the community by using various well-recognized platforms.

6. Do you have any advice for future practicum students?

Lastly, I would like to advise the future students to give their best of their abilities and be as comprehensive as possible to succeed in your practicum. This wonderful experience would not have been possible without the practicum coordinators hard work and I would like to especially thank Dr. Polly and Ms. Shereen for making this MPH Practicum experience so fruitful.

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