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Qamar Humaira at Reconnect Limited


Student Name

Qamar Humaira

Concentration of Study

Health Economics Policy and Management (HEPM)

MPH Degree Mode and Graduation Year

Full-time, 2018

Practicum Mode

School-approved Practicum

Practicum Site

Reconnect Limited

1. Describe your practicum. 

I conducted my practicum placement at Reconnect Limited, a non-profit non-governmental organisation, situated in Sheung Wan. Reconnect specialises in the design and delivery of environmental educational services to the corporate and school sectors. The company was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Lai, a Chartered Environmental Engineer in the year 2014 with the mission of bridging the gap in the local educational curriculum that places little emphasis on contemporary environmental issues.

My role and responsibilities at Reconnect varied from assisting in the design and development of workshop materials and on-going programs such as the Jockey Club Charities Trust Visualising Carbon Reduction Programme for Schools, creating content for the re-launch of Reconnect’s corporate website to collaborating and synthesising with my supervisor on a project proposal to the Environment Protection Department on the upcoming Municipal Charging Waste Scheme. Each activity provided extensive opportunities for me to not only partake in the production of environmentally-friendly deliverables but also exercise my communication, leadership and management skills.

2. Why did you choose your practicum organization/ practicum project?

Reconnect, as a practicum site, allured to me the most due to its commitment to increasing the disconnected relationship the Hong Kong society has with the environment. Since my undergraduate exchange abroad program in Australia, I found a great disparity between the day-to-day environmental practices and policies in Hong Kong and Australia. Moreover, I also discovered through my MPH studies that environment is often an overlooked component of public health. Thus, my interest in Reconnect were two-fold one of personal commitment and second to shed greater light to the efforts placed by organisations such as Reconnect and their commitment towards public health.

3. What was the most rewarding part of your practicum?

The most rewarding part of my practicum was the opportunity I received to observe and practice the various stages organisations like Reconnect go through to plan and prepare for the wide-scale execution and operation of services to the overarching community. I am also very grateful to Reconnect for allowing me to continue my efforts to return as a Program Officer for the Community-based Project for the upcoming Municipal Waste Charging Scheme.

4. Do you have any advice for future practicum students?

The best advice I would give to future students is that every tasks at your practicum site whether large or small serves as an opportunity. In my experience, I found that placing effort and commitment on even the small tasks provides you with the opportunity to showcase your commitment to the practicum site. This commitment is not only self-fulfilling but also provides an excellent example of your character and determination towards the organisation. This attitude can enable you to build a sense of trust and belonging to your site and also showcase your responsibility and aptitude to your corresponding supervisors who may then entrust you with more challenging tasks.

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