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Vergil Tang at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Stubbs Road (CHI005h)


Student Name

Vergil Tang

Concentration of Study

Epidemiology and Biostatistics (EB)

MPH Degree Mode and Graduation Year

Full time, 2017-2018

Practicum Mode

School-approved Practicum

Practicum Site

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Stubbs Road (CHI005h)

If MPH were a book, this practicum experience would be one of the most significant and rewarding chapters.

Practicum bridged the gap between theory and practice, and toned up my skills of analyzing health data, in addition to collaborating with research team and conducting literature reviews.

I completed my practicum in the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Stubbs Road (HKAH).

I worked closely with the Lifestyle Management Center, of which their vision is to share health reform messages that emphasize on the integration of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Total Health. Throughout the program, I had the privilege to provide statistical support, prepare articles for publication and deliver a health talk based on my literature review to an audience of senior citizens.

The program provided me with practical opportunities to apply the concept and theories I have learnt at school. For example, the statistical analyses in my supervisor’s research was something of challenging. To handle data properly, I revisited lecture notes and consulted my Biostatistics instructor. By running a statistical model in preparation for article publication, my learning curve was way steeper than finishing a problem set in class.

Before this practicum, wellness program, lifestyle management and health education were merely jargons to me. The program equipped me with a better understanding of health education – educating the public through health talk, wellness program and screening programs. “Health education research involves the translation of established and promising methods of disease prevention and health promotion to communities.” Both health education and research play imperative roles in public health, and I am honoured to have taken part through my practicum.

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