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Meet Our Students and Alumni Series - 6 Questions with Julianna Yeung

1. MPH concentration and expected graduation year Health Economics, Policy & Management, 2018

2. Job title and Community Outreach Works

  • Manager of Jack-of-all-trades (joking!)

    • Responsible for optimizing my company’s healthcare service business in Asia Pacific

  • Volunteer for IMC Sunday School since 2011

    • Best Volunteer Award from the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association

3. Tell us your story! How did you become interested in public health, and how does public health relate to your current line of work? My company is in the renal industry. Our patients are towards the end of the NCD chain, meaning most already have diabetes and/or hypertension that led to gradual deterioration of the kidneys.

Renal replacement therapy is extremely costly for both patients and governments. For example, in Taiwan, 0.3% of the population has chronic kidney disease that utilizes >7% of total healthcare expenditure. I understand, first hand, how detrimental NCD is to any health system.

Although I work for a for-profit company, we are involved in supporting governments, especially in developing countries, to provide the necessary services to meet rising demand. Recently, I have been involved in discussions with the public sector regarding reimbursement and healthcare infrastructure in my line of work. This type of work sparked my interests in how a government organizes and supplies healthcare services. Then I realize there is actually an entire degree dedicated to it.

4. How have you applied what you have learned within the MPH program to your line of work? 

MPH has broadened my view of health systems (actually of the world in general). I now have a better understanding of how my line of work fits into the intricate patchwork of public health and not just in delivery of healthcare. Biostatistics and epidemiology have certainly helped in the clinical area of my work. The management and policy type of classes are very useful in the operation and business side.

5. What advice would you give to current MPH students who will be entering the workplace for the first time? 

No task is ever too small or trivial for you. You can always gain something out of any type of work that you do if you look hard enough. Be humble and work very hard, as in give 200% into everything that you do. Learn to really listen and empathize with everyone that you work with. Wisdom does not only come from intelligence but also life experiences through compassion and self-awareness. Opportunities will always come to those most prepared for them.

6. Any other wisdom to share with the readers?

Never stop learning!

Know a fellow HKU SPH student or alumni with an interesting story? Let us know! Email Ms Shereen Ayub ( to nominate your MPH peer for the next 'Meet Our Students and Alumni' blog series.

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