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Student Voice - Au Ka Bo Ruby

Hi I am Ruby. The COVID pandemic provides the impetus for my career shift to public sector and reasons for pursuing the MPH program. The context when I studied public and international affairs in the past were long gone. Uncertainty is what I encountered after the social unrest and pandemic. At times of confusion, I am grateful being admitted to the MPH program as it motivates me not to give up but to keep up-to-date on my skills and knowledge.

At the timing of writing, I am in the second semester of my first year of part-time MPH study. Being awarded the UGC Targeted TPg Fellowships is both a good and bad news to me. Financially it could support my learning (provided I meet the condition). Academically, it pushes me to my limits to meet the course requirements. To me, the MPH program is demanding in terms of quantity and quality of work. Population Health is wide in scope and spans across multiple-disciplinaries.

The MPH in HKU has a large class size and diverse mix of students. The lecturers are experienced professionals or renowned physicians. There are so much to learn from the lecturers, your classmates, readings, etc.

I am yet to start my capstone project nor the practicum. There are still journeys ahead before graduation. By then, maybe my feelings and experience sharing will be more comprehensive.

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