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Student Voice - Cheung Kai Him Justin

My name is Justin, and I am currently a first-year MPH student in the concentration of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. In addition to my status as a part-time student, I am also working as a full-time research assistant here at the School of Public Health, mainly assisting with research projects related to influenza and COVID-19.

I began working at the School of Public Health after graduating from the University of Toronto with a major in mathematics and minor in both linguistics and statistics. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to appreciate the role of public health in improving our understanding of diseases and formulating measures to minimize the impact of diseases at the population level. As an inquisitive individual who also enjoys problem solving, this prompted me to pursue my studies in the MPH programme and learn how to utilize concepts and tools in public health in improving population health and future pandemic preparedness efforts.

It is an honour to be granted the UGC Targeted TPg Fellowship and it has provided me additional motivation to strive for excellence in the programme. Though challenging at times, the MPH programme fosters teamwork across its different courses, which allowed us to communicate and collaborate with our fellow classmates from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. In addition, I also enjoyed learning from some of the top scholars and experts in the field.

After graduating from the MPH programme, I wish to work in the public health sector and make contributions by putting skills from the programme into good use. For those who are interested in public health, I would strongly encourage you to apply for the programme so that you can learn from the very best and gain hands on experience in solving real-world problems!

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