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Student Voice - Fu Tsing Lam Melissa

Health care is vital to all of us some of the time, but public health is vital to all of us all of the time”, a famous quote from Charles Everett Koop, an American pediatric surgeon and public health administrator in the 80s.

I was first impressed by this quote to begin delving into the domains of Public Health. I am a part time MPH student in the concentration of Health Economics, Policy and Management. I am also a Graduate Biomedical Engineer working at a private hospital in Hong Kong. Working in the usual hustle and bustle of a high volume usage of medical equipment, it is no surprise to ponder about the underlying reasons and find out the demands for medical supports are much wider than everyone can think of.

From the use of thermometers to anesthesia machines, it is difficult if not impossible for a normal person to stand for, whereby a clear mindset and positive attitudes towards the medical industry is of paramount importance, and this paves the way why Public Health is the right choice.

Thanks for the grant of the UGC Targeted TPg fellowship, it nurtures me as a person of diverse thinking. The curriculum consists of core courses and concentration courses, even the debut course – principle of public health can be quite challenging yet interesting. I was given a host of opportunities to share experience from the workplace and through numerous research, this also enlightens my angles of critical thinking plus encourages my communication skills with teammates from all walks of life. The curriculums are designed to equip students with the knowledge they need to face whatever public health issues or emergencies arise, and this topic is especially in the spotlight during the outbreak of COVID19.

My future aspiration is to acquire the knowledge and utilize the skills learned within the MPH courses and to stand out for career advancement in the public health field. It will be even ideal if the proposed activities brainstormed under the assignments can come true in one day!

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