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Student Voice - Lam Hiu Yi Phoebe

Hi, my name is Phoebe. It was my honour to be a candidate of the TPg fellowship. I am a registered nurse currently working in research. I enjoy my work very much, and pursuing the MPH has just been the icing on the cake.

Studying a postgraduate degree has been my plan. It seems exciting to devote myself to a new area of expertise, but it isn’t necessarily easy. Many challenges will come in your way, which is all part of the fun and experience. Spending three years in work place, I always reflect on my past, present, and how I can improve in the future. It’s never easy to leave the easy life you are comfortable with, but stepping out of your comfort zone will make your whole experience worthwhile. After all, I am so glad that I applied for the MPH program. It has recharged and enriched me with knowledge.

I am so honoured to candidate for the UGC targeted TPg Fellowship. Over the past year, I was struggling with work stress and economic pressure. A drama has grown inside me as a part of me really want to study the MPH program, while another part doesn't justify with the tuition fees. I am so thankful that my friend told me about this funding, it really helped me to take a big step forward.

One thing I did not expect is that I actually made some good study partners and friends here. Thanks for the fact that the program was not designed an easy task, i did struggle a lot. But when God closes one door, he opens another. I am so luckily to learn a bunch of friends who have the same goal. We always get each other's back.

I chose epidemiology and biostatistics as my concentration as I am more a scientific and number kind of person. I am looking for opportunities that I can combine my clinical medical knowledge in the epidemiological and statistics area. I wish to inspire and bring hope and insight to our future generations in combating diseases.

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