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Student Voice - Li Chun Yeung Edward

It is my great honour to have been selected as one of the 20 awardees of the UGC Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowships 2020/21.

I received my qualification as a registered dietitian in the U.S. and have been working as a dietitian at a private oncology clinic since I moved back to Hong Kong. During my service, I noticed a number of challenges the Hong Kong healthcare system is facing. As a dietitian, I have been working closely along with physicians and other healthcare professionals to prolong and improve patients’ quality of life. Among the professional knowledge in public health I expect to gain from the HKU MPH programme, I am particularly interested in the concentration of health economics, policy and management.

Being in a private medical institute, I have been in various administrative roles and I am aware of the utter importance of health management effectiveness. The medical resources in society are limited while the increase in population is not. I would like to acquire additional skills from the HEPM concentration to serve as a healthcare administrator in the sector. My personal mission is to increase health awareness and decrease health disparities for not only the patients that I am currently closely working with, but with a larger population, including the less fortunate in the community.

Despite the pandemic situation, I could still easily acquire knowledge with the help of the faculties and connect with my classmates in a dynamic study environment virtually. I have been learning a lot not only during class times, but in group projects with peers from diverse background. I have built friendships with students from different professions and countries.

Once again, I would like to thank HKU for providing me with the reward. Also I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my family, mentors, classmates and professors for continuous support throughout my postgraduate journey

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