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Student Voice - Pang Sze Lu Sharon

I graduated with a BSc degree in Public Health at the CUHK. During my undergraduate study, I was fortunate to gain work experiences at various sectors such as the Department of Health, NGOs and university affiliated researches. Driven by my passion to improve population health, I became increasingly drawn to this field because I realised the window of opportunity to build sustainable healthcare through disease prevention in Hong Kong and beyond.

I was motivated to pursue a MPH because I wanted to equip myself with more rigorous training in epidemiological and biostatistics. I believe they are important methodology and research skills that will help me excel in qualitative and quantitative research.

I was very excited to be granted the UGC Targeted TPg Fellowship. The most rewarding part of receiving the UGC Targeted TPg Fellowships was to know that I am not alone in my journey to pursue a career in public health. Although this field can be overlooked or underappreciated by some people, it was wonderful to know that there are abundant financial resources to support us towards our passion.

My MPH study has been very rewarding so far. It was very intellectually enriching to be taught by some of the leading epidemiologists and researchers in this field. I was inspired and stimulated to hear about their work and learn from them. In particular, I really enjoyed doing the newsflashes during the Dean’s class in the first semester. The process of discussing recent public health news taught me to tackle issues with multiple lenses including political, social and economic consideration. Working with classmates from diverse backgrounds also provided me with practical experiences in interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork skills.

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of teaching in the MPH course. Professors and teaching assistants are always there to help us improve by giving us insightful feedback and comments

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