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Student Voice - Yau Lok Sze Cecilia

I’m Cecilia Yau, a part-time Year 1 MPH student and manager at the Health Bureau. After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in English, I had the opportunity to work in the Hospital Authority and Department of Health, which changed my course completely. As I progress in my career, I have developed a strong interest in public healthcare planning, as a good healthcare system and good health service delivery could hugely benefit the health and quality of the general public.

Studying MPH have been a phenomenal experience for me. In addition to learning from experts in the field and enriching my knowledge in public health, I have also met peers coming from various disciplines in health care and appreciated the diverse perspectives and inspiring discussions.

I am honoured and thankful to be awarded the UGC Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowship, for the recognition and support given to me in equipping myself to become a competent public health practitioner.

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