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Student Voice - Yeung Lok Sze Dorothy

Hi there! My name is Dorothy, currently studying MPH (full time) in Health Economics, Policy and Management. Prior to studying this master’s, I graduated from HKU Food and Nutritional Sciences programme and have worked in the research and clinical trials industry for 2 years.


During my work at the research field, it became clearer that a society with greater health awareness and adequate policy support is very much needed for integrated health, which seeks to offer care that combines physical, mental, and social aspects of health. As such, every citizen can enjoy their life to its fullest. I applied for the MPH program since it enables me to contribute to the healthcare field by mapping out ways to enhance our citizens’ healthier way of living.


I am honoured to be granted the UGC Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowship. Being a recipient of the Fellowship motivates me to further my career development in promoting healthcare changes at system level.


I genuinely enjoy MPH with its course design and the diversity of classmates’ backgrounds. Course content is set in such a way that integrates theory and practice, with ample opportunities to learn from both world-renowned academics and aspiring healthcare professionals from public and private sectors. At the same time, with the diversified cultural and professional backgrounds of classmates, we are encouraged to think outside of the box in our group work and consider multiple perspectives on healthcare systems across the globe.


MPH has equipped me with different real-world models for critically analysing and effecting changes in solving public health problems in both the healthcare field and the political world. I hope to utilise the knowledge acquired to develop my career in the healthcare sector and make our society healthier and liveable through research and advocacy.

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