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Student Voice - Yeung Rigil Kent

Hi, I am Rigil Yeung. I am doing a part-time MPH in HKU and working in a pharmaceutical company as a project manager. Prior to this program, I have received a PhD in Life Science and a BSc in Biochemistry (First Class Honour) from HKUST, with specialities on psychiatry and oncology.

There are two main reasons for me to take this program. Firstly, I would like to dedicate myself in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the long run, and the MPH program will definitely help a lot for my career development. Besides, I hope I could develop my expertise and skillset in policy. Therefore, I pick HEPM as my concentration in this MPH program.

I felt very honoured to receive the fellowship as I knew it is a merit-based award. The fellowship also recognizes my professional qualification and previous hard work, supports me to achieve further and motivates me to serve Hong Kong in the future.

Due to COVID-19, all lectures are now conducted online. Still, I am happy to make some good friends from this MPH program. After the COVID-19 peak period, I hope the class will resume and I could meet my friends in the class.

I believe this MPH program would help me to advance my career further. More importantly, equipped with knowledge and skills related to healthcare policy, I hope I could contribute further to Hong Kong in this area.

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