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Meet Our Students and Alumni Series - 6 Questions with Kenny Mak

1.MPH concentration and graduation year Public Health Practice concentration and graduated in 2006.

2.Job title and Community Outreach Works

Job: Nursing Officer, Department of Health

Community Work/social service: Vice-president, The University of Hong Kong Nursing Alumni Association Executive Committee Member, Membership Committee, The University of Hong Kong Public Health Alumni Society Committee member, Education Subcommittee, The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing Committee member, Research Subcommittee, The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing Grade IV Officer, Auxiliary Medical Service

3.Tell us your story! How did you become interested in public health, and how does public health relate to your current line of work? As I remembered it was the first year that Master of Public Health started over. Everything was novel and challenging - the curriculum, the academic staff, the teaching methods, and the classmates from various professions. It was 2004. It was a year after SARS. Since then, public health became a hot topic and the establishment of Centre for Health Protection drew my attention in pursuit of career in Department of Health.

4.How have you applied what you have learned within the MPH program to your line of work? 

As a nurse in public health field, one should not only focus on individual health, but also possess international perspectives with principles of public health embraced. Epidemiology, biostatistics, research methods disentangle and integrate data and information. Concepts, models, and strategies in health promotion and health education guide nursing actions and interventions.

5.What advice would you give to current MPH students who will be entering the workplace for the first time? 

When you start in, MPH knowledge helps understand guidelines and protocols; sooner you will realise how to orchestrate and better the service programme. Public health theories and ideas, indeed, can be utilised and adapted much more than you anticipate. So... think public health when you order a meal, think public health when you buy a birthday gift! (smile)

6.Any other words of wisdom to share?

"The future depends on what you do today." – Mahatma Gandhi

Know a fellow HKU SPH student or alumni with an interesting story? Let us know! Email Ms Shereen Ayub ( to nominate your MPH peer for the next 'Meet Our Students and Alumni' blog series.

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