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Student Voice - Chow Yim Sau Clementine

My name is Chow Yim Sau Clementine, and I hold a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Currently, I am working as a Chinese Medicine practitioner at The Hong Kong Tuberculosis Association - The University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre (South District) and pursuing a part-time MPH in Health Economics, Policy and Management (HEPM).

My decision to pursue an MPH was influenced by several factors. Firstly, my participation and subsequent win in a policymaking competition during my undergraduate studies highlighted the need for more experts with extensive knowledge and skills in policymaking and effective communication with other health professionals in the field of Chinese medicine. This observation motivated me to pursue further studies to enhance my skills in these areas. Secondly, I aim to equip myself with more analytical methods for health leadership in the future. By pursuing an MPH, I believe I can broaden my perspective and develop a more comprehensive understanding of public health issues, which will be beneficial for my profession.

Being granted the UGC Targeted TPg Fellowships is a significant achievement, and I am grateful and honoured for the opportunity. The fellowship not only recognizes my academic achievements but also provides financial support to pursue further studies. This is particularly important given the high cost of postgraduate education. The fellowship also serves as a strong encouragement for continuous learning, especially for part-time students who also need to work to support themselves.

My MPH experience has been incredibly rewarding since it has allowed me to broaden my understanding of healthcare and investigate the complexities of how economics, policy, and management all influence healthcare services. I have particularly enjoyed acquiring accounting skills in healthcare, policy writing and lobbying, and building friendships and networks with fellow MPH students. Accounting skills are crucial for managing the financial resources of healthcare organizations, while policy writing and lobbying skills are critical for advocating changes in the healthcare system. Furthermore, the opportunity to connect and collaborate with students from diverse backgrounds has enhanced my learning experience and expanded my professional network.

Upon graduation, my aspiration is to help establish further development in the policy and management of the first Chinese medicine hospital in Hong Kong. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I hope to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired from my MPH to advocate for better Chinese Medicine policy development and bridge the gap between Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

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