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Student Voice - Dr Manson Chu

Hey all! I’m Manson, a HKU Med graduate and now an emergency room doctor by profession.

It was a busy night shift which provoked me to learn more about MPH. As the gatekeeper of hospital, dashing around in a hectic environment is not uncommon. There exist multiple clinical problems to be dealt with, yet behind the scene is the bigger issue which carries much more impact – our healthcare system. This drives me to get out of the scope of clinical practice and explore what’s actually happening around us. The interaction between different domains of public health fascinates me. The diversified knowledge in public health echoes well with my career which emphasises on breadth.

I’m more than honored to have received the UGC fellowships. It acknowledges the importance of public health in the complicated world nowadays and encourages me to pursue something new yet highly related in my career.

You will definitely meet great people in MPH. Sharing from renowned academic staff bring us a high level of personal development. Groupmates from all walks of life can enlighten you and give you lots of insights and perspectives.

I believe MPH will pave me the way in achieving the goal of a competent public health leader. As a stakeholder in the healthcare system, it is always my obligation to effectively practice public health, protect and promote health of all with ambition, drive and empathy.

Dr Manson Chu

MPH HEPM (Part-time, Year 1)

Awardee of UGC Targeted TPg Programme Fellowships 2020/21

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